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This is a platform for Disciples of Jesus Christ to be able to collaborate from different parts of the world. The values we share in the platform is in accordance with Ephesians 4 of Bible where it is called for unity of the Body.

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Blogs on various topics that matters for Disciple life. these includes topics for kids to married couples to ministers. you are free to share an article as you please with no cost. People who are interested to write a blog can contact us. we welcome all topics and opinions except for core Biblical principles around salvation. read more our policy page. The video blogs are collection of different topics from across disciples around the world.


We try to help through our networks with different services you need in the walk of disciple life.


One of the forms of worship is through songs. David worshipped God through Psalms. we choose different songs that are spirit inspired. you can either listen to it fand worship with your fellowship group or can just play the song in background while being busy with life :)

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provides a private or public platform for collaborating with your local group.


we sell books, audio, video, tracts and other listed items that can help with different activities for Disciple life.


you can choose to give for the ministry which you are interested in. we advertise here different ministers and ministries whom we verify personally and you can contact them directly


you can be informed of different events happening in your neighbourhood or remotely.

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